Car Wheel Refurbishment

What we do

If your alloy wheels are looking a bit tired and are scuffed and scratched then powder coating will make them as good as new again.

We are also seeing a lot more alloys that are corroding on the inside of the wheel and air leaks out between the tyre and the rim. Because we strip and blast the whole wheel all corrosion is removed. If heavy pitting has occurred then we may have to smooth this out to create a better seal.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes and we can also colour match the original colour.

First of all we have to remove the tyre, tyre valves and weights. The wheel is then placed in an acid based strip tank to remove all paint and lacquer. Next the wheel is mildly blasted to remove any blemishes and corrosion. At this point we can take out the kerbing, deep scratches and any pitting that may have occurred due to corrosion. Because the curing temperature of the powder coating is around the 180°C mark we have to pre heat the wheel to 200°C for about 20 minutes to allow any air to expand and remove any contaminants.

A powder primer is then applied and cured off. The wheels are then cooled and wet painted or powder coated in the relevant colour.

A further 15 minutes is required to cure the colour coat. An acrylic powder lacquer is finally applied enhancing the finish but also protecting the wheel from the environment.

Once cured and cooled down tyres are refitted and wheels balanced using stick on weights so as not to spoil the appearance.

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