Diamond Cutting

What we do

Although powder coating is the most popular way of refurbishing wheels diamond cut finishes are getting more and more popular. Many cars are now fitted with diamond cut alloys as standard.

Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer than a powder coat refurbishment.

The problem with diamond cut wheels is they are very prone to corrosion. Small stone chips can break through the lacquer, water gets underneath and in time will corrode the alloy and cause milky/cloudy patches.

The wheel is refurbished in exactly the same way as in the normal wheel refurbishment but before the lacquer is applied the wheel is placed in the diamond cutting machine. The diamond cutter is basically a shortened deep bed lathe so the wheel is placed in a chuck which spins at high speed. The cutting tip removes first the paint that has been coated on the spoke and then a thin layer of the wheel thus leaving bright alloy against a coloured background. Because of this the alloy can only be cut a few times to prevent too much of the surface of the wheel being removed.

The wheel is then cleaned and lacquered in the normal way.

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