Motorcycles & Scooters

What we do

This is really where we started, providing a powder coating service for the motor cycle enthusiast.

All frames wheels etc are blast cleaned to bare metal, and then all bearing surfaces and areas that do not require painting are masked off. The items are preheated to remove any air and contaminate and coated in your required colour. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience not only in the coating of the items but also in buying the best powders for the job to provide (especially in the case of black) the correct gloss level and finish.

You can be assured that your pride and joy is in good hands.

We have also refurbished many Lambrettas and Vespas. Sometimes customers just require items blasting and powder priming to give a base for the wet painting finish and others require full powder coating in various finishes. In addition to the large range of colours that we have in stock we also have a large range of candies, metal flakes, metallics and flip colours.

Telephone: 01472 211 222