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C.J. Powdercoatings Ltd has been established since 1995 and has since become the premier powder coaters in the area.

We can powder coat almost anything from very small to very large.
We have always been strong in the motorcycle side of the business because that’s what we were interested in. The industrial side grew alongside the motorcycle and car side and resulted in the introduction of shot blasting and bigger ovens. Also as the motorcycle and car side grew we had to introduce a means of stripping the paint off prior to blasting to increase throughput.
Over the last few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of car wheels we do subsequently we have invested heavily into a new facility with its own ovens, spray booth, diamond cutting lathe and machine for straightening out buckles.

We are open Monday – Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday 7.30am - 12.30pm

Powder coating is an oven curing system and give a more durable finish than painting and because the item is ready when it is cold waiting times are reduced, also it is more environmentally friendly than solvent based paints.
We have a large range of RAL and BS colours and OEM wheel finishes.

Telephone: 01472 211 222


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Wheel Repair

We can repair any damage and powder coat your complete wheel or wheels so they look like new again, in any colour of your choice.


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Diamond Cut

Although powder coating is one of the most popular and durable alloy wheel refurbishment service, diamond cut finishes are also a very desired finish.


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When your motorcycle frame needs refurbishing bring it to us. We have a huge experience in powder coating motorcycle frames and more


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We can carry out work on all bicycle frames to a very high and long lasting standard. We can promise you it will last you many years to come.